A drone – newspaper delivery at your doorstep

Now a days drone is a new way of delivering products. We know that drone can be used for many purposes like photography, traffic monitoring etc. Now Bengaluru boy built drone which delivers newspapers at your doorstep.

Rohit Dey, a first year BSc student, which built a drone, Nayan. He is a Christ University student, Bengaluru.  He has developed many drones over a year, has built one. This drone can be used for not only for surveillance, crop monitoring but also doorstep deliveries. Nayan can even deliver newspapers.

nayan drone

The weight of this drone is about 2.6 kg and it can fly for 30 minutes. Rohit told, “Nayan operates with an inverted rotor concept which, apart from reducing the drag, also increases its efficiency and stability. It can also be controlled with the help of  a smartphone.”

Rohit has already developed a drone which was used for delivering newspapers at an apartment in Marathahali. He did experiment on Nayan to deliver newspapers in the complex a year ago but was not fully satisfied with the effort. But now he feels that this Nayan drone can do task more efficiently.

He said, “The operator is given the location using Google maps. A layout of the place where the delivery has to be done and other data is saved in the UAV. The operator can systematically deliver the newspapers or packages at the location point.”

He told that newspapers can be stacked in a chamber inside the drone. He told, “The newspapers can be dropped or distribute from the chamber one by one and can be refilled when empty.”

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