Uber launches new app in India with smart and fast features


Uber has launches its new app for their users in India as well as around globe. According to the company, its new app is faster, smarter and more offers a more personalized experience. Uber has been redesigned and it allows users to book cabs from their computers or tablets. Now it shows clearer vehicles options along with upfront pricing.


Ubers new app is targeted at the customers who wish to take a ride but their entry level smartphone may not have the storage needed to download and run the app. For them, the company has launched a web-based app. This app will enables the customers through devices other than smartphone or use their data to use the browser on phone to call a cab.

Now your one phone call made to book ride. This feature helps those without a smartphone and therefore an access to the web. There will be an offline feature, where prominent locations can be tagged and the Uber driver will be able to be tagged on and the cab bookings taken.


Uber automatically detects users current location and shows ‘where to’ upfront. This app can learn from user’s routine to show ‘shortcuts’. Users can now save locations that they travel to frequently. Plus, ratings given to users by drivers are more visible as it is now displayed right under user’s name.

Uber is trying to find out that they can provide the service where customers have internet connectivity issues. This will involve having an offline list of popular destination within a city and once entered on the app, the app will understand that the customer has a connectivity issue and it adjust accordingly.

Now users can request rides for their friends, family and guests. The user is at one place and they book a ride for another person which is at other location. Uber allow users to choose a contact and choose payment method. All the messages, including driver and car details and a link to track the ride, will be sent to the person who has booked the ride.


Uber also has split fare option which allows users to split the bill with friends. Users can choose the split fare feature after a trip begins and send it to a contact. They will receive a text with a request link. Once the contact chooses to go ahead splitting the bill, the fare automatically get divided between the riders.

Uber riders can share details of their trip, including details of the driver with contacts, after a trip begins. Users can simply tap on the ‘send status’ option and choose a contact to send details of the trip. Finally, users can choose a payment option from a host of options like, cash, digital wallet, credit card and debit card.

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