Google’s revolutionary device which interact with Gesture

Google is always known for working on different technologies. Now they are working on technologies to recognize our hand gesture for controlling smartphone. The patent published recently pointed out that Google has expanded beyond the direction of pre-configured controls.

This project is Project Soli which is already well underway and it was demonstrated for the first time since in May 2015. The patent name is “device interaction with specially aware gesture” – a technology that would allow a user to set his own gesture for multi-purpose.


The main concept of this project presented by Google is the gesture equivalent of natural language. The smart devices which described by Google has the capabilities to interpret gesture the users has made up for themselves.

For example, when a user wants to call and showed a unique calling symbolic gesture. So the user would set that request up and device ask to perform the gesture which users want to use and recognize it as he trigger for “Calling.” Let’s take another example, user want the phone to turn off when they show a double – thumbs down gesture. So they setup that gesture and the device would recognize the gesture. They have made as the trigger for “turn phone off”.

This patent also identifies for a multi-devices gesture recognition and command. Instead of saying “turn on my living room lights”, user can wave their hand at any gesture and device recognizes it for turning on living room lights. They would make a gesture that looks like flipping a switch and the light would turn on.


In project soli, soli is a new sensing technology that uses miniature radar to detect touch less gesture interactions. It is a purpose – built interaction sensor that uses radar for motion tracking of the human hand.

This project involves a millimeter-wave radar chip that can detect “very fine” gesture with fingers and hands. It can then be used for playing games using hand gestures on mobile devices, computers and electronics.


Google uses very small chip in this project and it’s as small as smart watches.  Initially, Google is targeting project soli at game control using hand gesture. A demo shows that a user flick their fingers on a device which contain the Project Soli chip and the finger movement controlled a character running on a screen. The quicker the fingers flicked, the faster the character ran. By moving the hand up or down, the character could jump over trees.

Project Soli could be trans-formative technology and be used in applications beyond gaming, technical project lead at the Google Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP).

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